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Helping Good People Get Better


Focused Management Consulting leveraging your investment in technology to optimize your business.  


  • Is Your Company:

    • In trouble - Operating costs going up; sales going down; or customer service levels too low?
    • Are you on the move - Looking for ‘organic’ growth?
    • Are you trying to catch up and do what competitors do better, faster or more cheaply?  The environment you are working today is intensely competitive – more so today than ever before. The number of factors to deal with on a daily basis has increased dramatically and the speed at which this change is occurring is accelerating all of the time.

    These can be perplexing problems. We bring a degree of innovation as well as prior experience in tackling issues similar to those you wish to resolve.

    We can help. Our consultants bring five key skills/attributes:

    • OBJECTIVITY. There is no real alternative for an independent, impartial and fresh viewpoint.  A consultant brings a fresh, unbiased view to your situation or need, something those close to the situation may have difficulty achieving. 
    • BROAD EXPERIENCE. Our consultants have worked with a wide array of clients across a broad range of industries. This experience gives us insight and knowledge regarding best practices across industries and functions as a result of having:
    • ANALYTIC HORSEPOWER. Our consultants are trained in a range of analytic skills. We know how to concentrate on the main problem areas and define the requirements for the solution and the benefits to be gained.
      • Served multiple clients in the same industry;
      • Served multiple clients facing similar problems across different sectors;
      • Technology alone presents new challenges that sometimes requires expertise and knowledge that is not readily available within your human capital. We are able to recognize common attributes of effective solutions and apply lessons learned from applicable situations.
    • FULL-TIME ATTENTION. Consultants can devote full-time attention to the assignment free of the day to day responsibilities.  Your managers are often distracted by day to day challenges. Consultants work ON your business while you work IN your business.
    • CHANGE AGENT.  Our consultants are often a catalyst for change. In the process of solving problems, the consultant must consider every means of effecting a proper solution. The solution may involve change within the organization. Unless the changes are understood by management and the affected employees, the recommendations of a consultant are of little value.


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