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Document Management

Having the right document at the right time assures the there is greater accuracy of information, and less time "searching" for the correct document.  By linking the appropriate document to the correct files and transactions in your ERP you will have a single source for all relevant information.

Most modern ERP systems have the ability to link or "Attach" documents.  It is not uncommon for there to be a large volume of files that are available which were never linked to the ERP.

Typical Documents Include:

  • C of A
  • MSDS
  • Specification Sheets
  • Invoices
    •    Customer
    •    Vendor
  • Receivers
  • Customer Agreements
  • etc.

Our Attachment Linking application is designed to search through your files and suggest where documents should be linked in your ERP based on the criteria you specify.  If the suggestions are accepted the ERP links can be updated en mass.   Once setup we can configure the application to automatically search for and attach documents on a timed basis.  This is particularly useful if documents are scanned by personnel who do not have access to the ERP.








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