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Inventory Control

Among the challenges faced by an inventory manager is maintaining an accurate inventory that is at the appropriate stocking level to satisfy demand while avoiding stock-outs or carrying excess material.  We have several tools available to help manage inventory and maintain accuracy.

  • Cycle Count GeneratorOnce you have established sales history and have designated products as an A,B, or C item our Cycle Count Generator can automatically create a count schedule based on user defined criteria for each classification.  Moving to a cycle count will help keep inventory correct and identify transaction issues long before an annual physical.
  • Reorder Point CalculatorOur reorder point calculator utilizes APICS based calculations to produce suggested reorder points based on the service level of inventory you wish to maintain.
    • Consolidated Product Usage history along with vendor products.  Our reporting compares usage against safety stock and reorder point.This helps drive purchasing decisions and helps identify seasonal/situation demand spikes. 




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