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A Tool to Help Pricing Management

 Your Chempax ERP suite holds a wealth of information. We have developed a toolset to unlock this information, build price lists, and simplify pricing optimization. While price optimization can significantly impact revenue and profitability, its principles are frequently misunderstood. Translating pricing theory into value and competitive advantage requires a logical and structured approach where your business, processes and potential opportunities are well understood.

 Very few companies take advantage of the full range of product pricing features inherent in their Chempax software. Our goal is to help you optimize price and value realization by providing critical pricing intelligence and analyses. We recognize that pricing involves complex dynamics and interaction between numerous factors that can differ greatly from one company to the next. However, there are many common elements for chemical manufacturers and distributors. Basic raw material market pricing is forever changing; a single raw material can cascade through to hundreds of finished products; pricing of the finished products is a mixture of contract and list prices that differ for many customers.

  Our flexible pricing guidance tool enables organizations to leverage price science and best practices without discarding the nuances and characteristics that make their pricing requirements unique.

 Our price guidance tool has multiple capabilities.


  • Model impacts based on raw material cost changes;
  • Identifies finished goods impacted along with new cost;
  • Identifies the customers buying the products impacted
    •  Display current price and pricing basis and calculate margins using multiple costing methods.
  • Define Standard packaging breaks
    • Generally organized around logical materials handling quantities
  • Define pricing groups to establish target margins by price break.
    • Create as many as the client situation requires
  • Output the model standards and price lists in standard format for import into the Chempax Price Book.


 Markets are forever changing and keeping pace is a real challenge. Our tool simplifies price administration and more importantly gives you a logical basis for price/margin optimization.


If you are interested in learning more about our price guidance tool please call at 610-469-8617 or email us at





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