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Operations Management

 Successful Lean Manufacturing requires crisp planning and execution.  We believe in managing by exception.  This means that most routine daily operations can be run without much oversight, while exception conditions are more closely managed. Out tool sets help aggregate information that allows Operations mangers to identify where exception conditions are occurring and take the appropriate action.  Below are just a few of our tools.

  • Daily Operations Reporting - We identify all current transactions that affect operations, what the inventory position is, the timing of purchase orders, forecast of batch requirements, and where inventory is below a re-order point.  Our reporting is the basis from which operational planning begins.
  • Manufacturing Reporting - At any given point in time there can be new demands placed on manufacturing.  We help identify where production is happening, what the current demand is, and what the appropriate manufacturing run size should be.  This helps gain efficiency in the manufacturing process, and maintain appropriate inventory levels.
  • Batch Scheduling Manager - Things change.  You may have a full campaign of batches scheduled for manufacturing.  Due to any number of factors the campaign may need to be adjusted.  Our tool allows you to move entire batches as a group.  
  • Formula Labor Standards - Establishing a standard time to produce a finished good is the first step in creating a more accurate production plan.  It is also required as the basis to measure production efficiency.  Our application helps manage the data by establishing rates that can be applied to formulas in the ERP.
  • Open Order Information - Analyzing the current order load and corresponding inventory, production, and purchasing in one consolidated application empowers the Customer Service Rep with the ability to more accurately establish available to promise dates.
  • Scale Operations and Receiving Plan - This application was designed to plan bulk receipts and material movements.  Having a plan helps drive labor requirements and produces the needed documents to track bulk material flow.




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