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Helping Good People Get Better


Improved Processes Support Chemsolv's Growth

Posted 3/4/2014

Chemsolv has experienced a period of sustained growth that placed our operational processes under a lot of stress.  In order to improve our service levels and continue our growth it became apparent that our operations needed to be updated and formalized.  We engaged MRI to assist us in transitioning our practices into a more structured and disciplined set of processes, driven by enhanced usage of our ERP.


MRI did a thorough analysis of our existing business processes including raw material procurement, production planning, inventory tracking, logistics and customer service procedures. As a result, we now have a tightly integrated set of processes, supported with a number of specialty developed software tools that are integrated to our basic ERP system.

The end result for us has been a rapid and steady improvement in our overall level of customer service and has positioned us favorably as we continue to grow.


MRI’s approach and motto ‘helping good people get better’ continues to bear itself out in our organization!



Jamie G. Austin

Vice President & General Manager

Chemsolv™, Inc.




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